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Berlin Care Home Vaccine Deaths - Whistleblower report

Berlin Care Home Vaccine Deaths - Whistleblower report

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Video in German language with English Subtitles
In Feb. 2021, two lawyers from the German Corona Committee interviewed a staff member whistleblower from a care home in Berlin and received video footage to include in their reporting. Of the 31 out of 36 elderly patients in the home who received the Prizer/BioNTech gene therapy product (referred to as a vaccine) in late December 2020, 7 died shortly after the first shot and an 8th person who was previously fit and healthy but became seriously ill after vaccination finally died in Feb. Of the 21 patients receiving the second vaccination 11 are suffering serious debilitating side effects. This matter has been referred to the Berlin police for investigation of possible death resulting from medical malpractice.


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